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2023 A Year of Authenticity

Updated: Jan 3

Are you called to connect to the earth and live amongst her magic and wisdom?

This year my focus is authenticity.

I am allowing my whole self to be seen and to shout the call in my soul from the mountaintops.

I have had the honor of studying some really beautiful things over the last two months. I started a six-month journey with the Q’eros nation in Perú, where I am learning the sacred magic and Andean wisdom. I also have taken a deep dive into my human design, specifically understanding my work while I am here on this earth. This has given me great insight into what my soul is called to.

My soul is called to the earth. To the medicine that lives within her and is kept alive by ancient and indigenous cultures and their infinite wisdom. My soul is called to the trees. I feel most alive by the oceans and rivers. When I stand by the mountains and rocks, I feel the memories and the truths they hold that were stripped away by colonization.

My soul is called home.

My heart knows that so much of our modern world is not real. But years of conditioning and scarcity have so many of us stuck believing that this is the only way. That money and material things are the most significant possessions we have.

I have felt disconnected with the modern world for a long time. For many years, I pursued status and money like all of us. Those years left me feeling empty. Sometimes I even find myself still pulled back into that pattern.

I recently have felt ready to vocalize my truths, ready to shine a light on these ideas I have, knowing fully some people will disagree, and that's okay.

My focus this year in my life and in my business is authenticity. Honoring what is true for me and creating my own path in this highly capitalistic society and materialistic consumer driven world.

My goal is still to serve people on their journeys of returning home to themselves and finding inner love and the courage to do what is true for them. I want to help people answer the call inside them. I want to help people dream and heal the wounds that keep them stuck. I want to help people break out of patterns. I want to be of service and help all of us return home and nurture our souls and this earth.

I am still available for one on one coaching, and as my business evolves, I will keep all of you informed.

So if you are called to connect to the earth and live amongst her magic and wisdom, stay tuned.

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