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Where Are You Not Being Yourself

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This morning I was asked this question by someone who is very dear to my heart, and it brought so much perspective to myself and my work.

There is so much pressure in the modern world to make money, work work work, and participate in systems and energies that are out of alignment for many of us. (for lack of a better term, I often refer to it as being part of the matrix)

I think many of us sense there is a deeper, more meaningful, connected way of living.

So when I was asked where am I not being myself, my gut said, “everywhere.”

I feel a pressure as a coach and human to avoid sharing certain truths and avoid doing things my own way.

I have let the story of what “I am supposed to be” inform how I show up. Much of it is conditioning. But in my head, I feel the need to conform and comply with ideas and concepts that just aren’t in alignment with myself and the work I help people do.

This belief has had me showing up in a way that’s out of alignment with who I am in my heart, more often than not

Who and what I am called to is love.

I’m called to more connected living. I’m called to return to the earth and reconnect to her magic and wisdom

I’m called to living with the land, not off it.

I’m called to value connection over money.

I’m called to return to truth.

I’m called home

These are my most authentic wants, needs, and desires.

So many of us don’t even know what our authentic self longs for or what is in alignment with ourselves and our highest goods.

Human design has been an essential key for me in unlocking what is true for me and understanding what is actually my self versus conditioning and how I can honor myself and participate in the modern world simultaneously

It takes a lot of energy to be somebody that you’re not.

So why not put all that energy into returning to who you are? Even if it’s uncomfortable. ✨🤍

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