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Meet Alicia

Alicia Trusty is a lifelong learner, committed to exploring the beautiful mystery that is the human experience.  


Being from a small town on the Washington coast, she spent most of her early life dreaming BIG, but terrified by the unknowns in life and the deep need to please others. Determined to follow her dreams (but stay on the path of approval) she headed to Los Angeles. after several years of exploring the acting industry, Alicia found herself feeling lost, with an inner knowing “I am meant for something more.” Unsure what that “something” was she returned to her family where she found herself face-to-face with her fears on a path forged for her. After several years and a beautiful (struggle-filled) soul awakening, Alicia has found a path of her own. 


Alicia’s winding journey led her to pursue education in spirituality and healing. Alicia attended Martha Beck’s Way-Finder life coach school, where she became a certified life coach since then she continued to expand her education, from Human-Design to her current study of elemental medicine with the Q’eros nation in Peru


 Her passion is helping women on their journey of returning home to themselves. Through Alicia’s curious perspective on life, and her own experiences she has found that sometimes we must follow our own paths to find our way in life and return to our souls' calling – This requires radical TRUST in the universe and OURSELVES. 


Alicia’s goal as a coach is to hold space lovingly and safely and invite us to consider all the possibilities that can exist in this divine mystery.  

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